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Globe Dry Valve

Globe Fire Sprinkler Corporation introduces the new Model RCW Water Control Valve for Dry Pipe; Preaction; and Deluge applications. The RCW has been engineered to mitigate many of the field issues historically seen with hydraulically operated differential style valves. One common valve body is utilized for all of the above mentioned system types. The valve and trim options have been engineered with attributes which are most important to both the installer as well as the end user. The valve is offered in Grooved by Grooved configuration.

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Grip Lock

Grip lock the customer benefit for this product is that you no longer have to isolate a part of the building or drain down a part of the building. So in typical plastic application they use a solvent cement that takes a specific amount of time based on temp and size to cure. With this you isolate and turn system back on. No down time!

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Quick Torque

Head adaptor that is specific to spears. They invented the torque safe head adaptor years ago and it was a hit. Customer love the fact that you don’t have to use Teflon tape and or dope to seal the head in the adaptor. Plus with the torque safe you can not over tighten the head and crack the plastic as the brass spins instead of stress cracking the plastic Now they have launched the quick 2 which is less threads and even easier to put the sprinkler head in.

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